This course will provide you with an overall ability to navigate and communicate more sufficiently in a Danish cultural setting.


“The Culture Nerds” now proudly introduce our new program for expats in Denmark. Through this program we will provide you with a deeper understanding of Danish culture, and you will address your own cultural biases and your current challenges in your specific situation. At the end of the program you’ll be able to navigate in Danish culture more effectively, and hereby you will be able to influence your future life in Denmark in a positive direction.


In our years of working with expats in Denmark, we have seen way too many expats struggle to get of grip of how Danish culture and the Danish mindset works. How do you find local friends? Why are people going home from work early in Denmark? How will it show if a Danish co-worker is unhappy with something? How do I come to a place where I feel at home in this cold country of vikings? These are some of the questions that expats, who work in Denmark might ask, and these are some of the questions that this program will help you answer.


The program consists of 4 x 2 hours of workshop, and they will cover:

1: Discover Danish culture and working culture

In this part we will give a thorough introduction to Danish history and cultural heritage. Having this understanding is an important foundation for understanding Danish values and behavior. We’ll also work with your own cultural background, and map differences and as well as similarities in relation to Danish tendencies, so you will be clear on where your specific challenges might be.

You’ll be given some assignments to continue your discovery of how Danish culture plays out in your everyday life.


2: Communication in Denmark

In this part we’ll dig a little deeper. What impact does history have on the way we communicate in Denmark? What are the codes behind what is actually being said? During this part we’ll work on how you as a person from abroad will be able to communicate in a way that gets your messages across, and to be understood without actually having to master the Danish language.


3: Being social in Denmark

Where are Danish people open to new friendships? What is social life like in Denmark? Depending on your individual status (e.g. single or married), we’ll map your specific needs and plan for your social life in Denmark. During this part you’ll learn that Danish people like to have deeper and more personal relations, and therefore it might take a little more work, and you have to be aware of sharing more of your personal self.

You’ll give yourself small challenges and make a to-do-plan for next time.


4: How do I become great at navigating Danish culture?

In this part we’ll focus on building up your personal intercultural competence: Your ability to navigate a culture different from you own. We’ll sum up on what we have learned so far and make a strategy for your continuous work going forward with your integration into Denmark. We’ll end the course with a party to celebrate our new intercultural competencies and life in general.


This course will provide you with an overall ability to navigate and communicate more sufficiently in a Danish cultural setting.


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Price: 1.875 DKK (incl. VAT)

Dates: 4 Wednesdays the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of November at 4.00-6.00 PM (16.00-18.00)

 Location: Enghavevej 82, 3rd floor, 2450 Copenhagen SV 

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