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We call ourselves the Culture Nerds, because cultural understanding and culture is at the core of everything we do.Culture and cultural understanding is at the core of everything we do.

We create value because our knowledge about culture, diversity competence, and inclusion is very specialized and unique. Through our education, research, and experiences that are solely based on culture and cultural understanding, we are able to identify cultural barriers, explain why they occur and diminish them. But, what does culture really mean?

Culture is what we create together

Culture is what we humans create together. Each group of people forms their own culture, based on the framework that is present or not present.

And that’s why it’s so important as a company, a team or you name it to be at the point of the common culture, so everybody knows how to “feed” into it. 

By that note, culture is something, that’s all about: nationality, environment, social background, education, gender etc. – everything that affects us. At where we’re at, we will not help create gaps between people because of diversity – we Culture Nerds focuses instead on building bridges.

Bridging must be done by increasing the cultural understanding between people. We have to learn to take part of many different cultures in this world of complexity. This means that we have to learn to navigate in a context with high diversity.  Because the diversity is experienced more complex to day. It’s not only by the global perspective, that we experience differences at our workplace. The difference of the people we come across inside a nation will become even more diverse. Let’s go with an example – we Danes also become more diverse. It comes down to the fact that all of us are made up of different environments, that provide a complex picture of who we really are.

And here we have a theory: that the globalization is doing one thing, but something else is that our society is increasingly focusing on minority rights. This makes the diversity of people more visible in the social picture than ever before. Because know we dare – a little more- to stick out of the norm. That’s why we talk a lot about it and also why there is a greater need to become more diversity competent.

Cultural understanding is very important

As Culture Nerds we wish to contribute to a world, where tolerance and empathy is at the forefront. In this way we believe that we as organisations, states and as a human race can make it the furthest. In our work we see a lot of organisations in lack of a focus on culture and diversity competence. And the consequence of that is often fatal for the development of the organisation. To think about culture as an important factor in all of the organisation’s strategies should be a given, because as business management guru Peter Drucker says: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.


At Olskaer & Qvortrup we take pride in:

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  • Our dynamic understanding of the world
  • Our reliability

About us culture nerds and what we do – briefly!

Organisations tend to underestimate what culture actually means, and what it means to have very different people working in the structures of the same organisation. This is what we refer to as having a “high level of diversity” in the organisation. It can affect the bottom line massively in a negative way, when a project fails or a deadline is not met due to misunderstandings and conflicts that are based on not having aligned differences. The negative influence of a bad working culture on the people working in the organisation will also be very damaging – e.g. leading to chronic stress cases. We are able to diminish these ricks and create true innovative value through training diversity competence and developing a working culture based on mutual understanding and inclusion. You can read about diversity in our post here: 3 misforståelser og 3 fordele ved diversitet.

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