“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”


Our consultancy has culture at the core of every activity. That’s why we call ourselves the Culture Nerds.

We are able to create value, because – above all – we are experts on culture. Our approach is deeply rooted in scientific cultural theory – an approach not often found in the market of consultants. Through our educational background and hands-on experience we are able to identify cultural challenges and explain why they occur. Hence we are able to solve them in the most efficient way.


In the globalized world of today differences between people can create gaps in understanding. We believe in building bridges instead of walls.

We believe that a strong focus on the effort of cultural understanding is of great importance. It should be in everyone’s interest to learn how to act with cultural competence in this world that only becomes “smaller”. If employees and management are able to navigate efficiently in a multicultural context, it will turn out to have a positive outcome on the company’s bottom line.

We see ourselves contributing to a world with tolerance and humanity at it’s core – in corporations as well as nation states. In our experience, too many companies lack focus on how to manage cultural diversity. Countless examples show how a lack of cultural strategy can pose a huge risk to activities and development in companies. We believe culture should be integrated into the company’s other strategies. Because, as the business management guru Peter Drucker states: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.


At Olskaer & Qvortrup we have a strong focus on these values:

  • Mutual tolerance
  • Creating value
  • Having a dynamic worldview
  • Reliability
  • Curiosity
Partner og specialist i Indien Nicoline Qvortrup

Nicoline Qvortrup


Nicoline specializes in optimizing cross-cultural collaboration in companies with a special focus on India.

E-mail: nicoline@olskaerqvortrup.com
Phone: +45 22963050

Partner og specialist i Mellemøsten Gitte Olskær

Gitte Olskaer


Gitte specializes in the interaction between people from diverse cultural backgrounds with a special focus on the MENA region.

E-mail: gitte@olskaerqvortrup.com
Phone: +45 30226772

Olskaer & Qvortrup-samarbejdspartner DIIS




We collaborate with DIIS – Danish Institute for International Studies, which has experts and research programmes on most cultures globally. This means that we are able to tailor our products with the cultural focus that fits you, your business, and your situation.

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We are a consultancy specialized in cross-cultural collaboration. We offer presentations, workshops, and analytic research projects – all with culture at the core.