Collaborating across locations can be a huge challenge. Especially if you are used to navigate in a silo-mentality. Here on this page you can read more about our co-created solution.

The history

KMD is one of the largest IT companies in Denmark, and of course they experience – like almost everybody else in that industry – what impact the internationalisation has. That’s why they have established a department in Poland. A department for their HR work and solutions co-worked with the HQ in Ballerup. They experienced a silo mentality and wanted a mentality on competencies and co-creation instead of a focus on location.

The challenge

Having to collaborate within a silo-mentality, across national cultures and borders had made the collaboration difficult at times and none of the employees felt like one KMD. There was a lack of community feeling and a lack of recognition, that everyone is in the same boat.

Therefore, we together promoted a greater focus on team culture, community and competencies than on location and constraints.

The solution

As a solution, KMD gathered the entire HR in the HQ in Denmark during their new way of working kick-off days. At the last day they together had to design their own Cultural Code of Conduct in different teams. This meant that in the future, they knew how to support their common goal: having a greater focus on community, team culture and competencies rather than location.

KMD HR in workshops

For KMD it was all about to co-create new was of thinking – gone, was the silo-mentality

Are you in a similar situation or do you want to be better prepared for your new collaboration? Then, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us or the both of us – it’s your call.