To us, diversity competence is the new black

Be prepared: not only will we ask questions about what is happening – but also why it occurs. At O&Q people are at the center of our focus. We are critical thinkers, we do our research, and hereby we create value in the real world.

We bring diversity and cultural understanding into your business

Do you know how to make diversity work?

Dive into understaning your challenges and co-create a tailored Cultural Code of Conduct

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In your organisation: Do you have a diversity strategy?

Together we co-create a diversity strategy in order for you to reach your goals.

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Case: KMD

What goes beyond IT?
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How do you successfully merge the competencies of your HQ with a department in Poland? How do you overcome silo thinking?


Case: COPE

What lies behind STRESS?
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What can be done about the huge challenge of stress in Denmark? How can we create a holistic tool that can prevent and diminish stress in Danish organisations?


Case: MPI

How to create good chemistry?
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What is needed for a new collaboration with a department in India? How can a great work relation be established? And how does one ensure that priorities and quality live up to the expectations?


Diversity competence and cultural understanding are at the core of everything we do

It’s what we dream of at night, what drives us at day, and what we talk about – all the time.

We bring diversity and cultural understanding into your business

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