Medical Prognosis Institute


In this page you can read more about our MPI case.

The history

Many pharmaceutical companies have found out that there can be some benefits to letting partners in Asian countries manufacture their medicines. MPI is one of those. Of course, it requires Western quality standards to be assured, so quality does not deteriorate. In addition, there are several procedures that differ between countries.

The challenge

MPI – now merged with Oncology Venture – had seen the processes go awry, and what they had agreed on with their Indian partner was not being met or deadlines were constantly exceeded. The challenge was how the processes could be as smooth as possible and thus also ensure the quality of the product.

The solution

MPI’s top management compiled a cultural strategy based on the collected data, which included a Cultural Code of Conduct with 5 Key Behavioral Indicators. So, in the future they could ensure a more sustainable relationship with the Indian partner and thereby ensure shorter processes, met deadlines and the same perception of quality control.

relation MPI

For MPI it was all about ensuring a good personal chemistry between the international partners.

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