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Cultural research and analysis

Get to the bottom of your company’s cultural challenges, and get a tailored cultural strategy designed specifically for your company

Course and workshop

Educate your employees and management in the ability to work efficiently across cultures and eliminate your company’s cultural challenges

Presentation on culture

You will get a short introduction to a culture that will optimize cultural understanding in your company.

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The benefits for you

As the world becomes more globalized, the ability to navigate across cultures becomes still more important

Being able to bridge cultures and getting the most out of culturally diverse teams has become an important factor in the global market. Companies that master cultural competence skills will have a competitive advantage. From our experience this in turn leads to these advantages:

  • Optimization of the company’s ability to compete globally
  • Optimization of cross-cultural working processes
  • Better and more efficient communication
  • Minimization or elimination of duplication of effort
  • Less frustration and demotivation among managers and employees
  • Standardization of interaction in the process of outsourcing
  • Increased cultural competence among managers and employees
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Morten Illum, VP at Arbuba, HPE Denmark

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Peter Albrechtsen, HR-director, VP KMD

We had the pleasure of having a course and workshop by Olskaer & Qvortrup at our office in Hørsholm. Their knowledge on the subject of intercultural relations and collaboration was beyond what we have experienced from other consultancies. We benefited greatly from this in regard to our strategy with our Indian partners and collaborations. They will most definitely be invited back and used as our cultural experts.  

Planning a cross-cultural strategy is not the highest priority of a company but after our visit by Olskaer and Qvortrup – we see clearly that we can’t afford not to. Thus we strongly recommend other companies with cross-cultural collaborations to engage with them.  

Peter Buhl Jensen, CEO Medical Prognosis Institute

Background in humanities present a different angle to our challenges than the business and engineering profiles typically seen in Maersk. We have benefited greatly from this in both projects since it allows problems to be addressed from different angles, challenges conventional thinking and mitigates the risk of “group thinking”. This in turn leads to a better approach to cross-cultural collaboration in our organisation.

Peter Skyttegaard, Head of IT Strategy Maersk line


Our specialization lies within deep cultural theory and hands-on experience with cross-cultural working processes.

Too many companies underestimate the significance of cultural differences between employees. In relation to that it will have a massive negative effect on the bottom line when e.g. an outsourcing project crashes due to misunderstandings, inefficiency, long processes, terminations and the missing of deadlines. We are able to minimize those risks, and create value on an international scale with a focus on cultural understanding.

Partnerne Nicoline Qvortrup og Gitte Olskær i samarbejde

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