Here you’ll find an overview of some of our cases. We feel lucky that we are able to work with forward thinking organisations, that are ready for a people-focus.

We are often told that working with us is refreshing. The anthropological approach provides insights and opens up to new understandings and realizations. This approach gives a brand new dimension to the business. In the following you can have a look at some of our cases – both the ones completed and ongoing.

Case: KMD

What goes beyond IT?
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How do you successfully merge the competencies of your HQ with a department in Poland? How do you overcome silo thinking?


Case: COPE

What lies behind STRESS?
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What can be done about the huge challenge of stress in Denmark? How can we create a holistic tool that can prevent and diminish stress in Danish organisations?


Case: MPI

How to create good chemistry?
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What is needed for a new collaboration with a department in India? How can a great work relation be established? And how does one ensure that priorities and quality live up to the expectations?


Case: Kaatsu Massage

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How can you ensure, that all costumers getting a massage or physiotherapy experience the same outstanding experience every single time?


Case: Balanced Leadership

What is good leadership?
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Good leadership requires an understanding, that you are not the only one in the room. But how does one change the leadership culture?


Plucked from our case examples, here you can see and read a selection of what our customers say about our work.

We had the pleasure of having a course and workshop by Olskaer & Qvortrup at our office in Hørsholm. Their knowledge on the subject of intercultural relations and collaboration was beyond what we had expected. We benefited greatly from this in regard to our strategy with our Indian partner and collaborations. They will most definitely be invited back and used as our cultural experts.

Planning a cross-cultural strategy is not the highest priority of a company but after their visit – we see clearly that we can’t afford not to. Thus we strongly recommend other companies with cross-cultural collaborations to engage in their workshop.

Peter Buhl-Jensen, CEO, MPI About the workshop with Cultural Code of Conduct

I really liked the framework because it upgraded the feeling in the room in a fine (as in refined) way, because people gave a little piece of themselves, something deep (as deep as one now dared or seemed appropriate). And I felt that the feeling between us became more natural and it gave a warmer and more recognizable feeling inside.

About our workshop in strong team culture

Here you can have a look at, what Peter Albrechtsen, VP in HR for KMD, says about our work.