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We are here to help – that’s the core of our business. We do this by creating knowledge, advising, developing and testing new solutions and assisting with the implementation. Our core service is qualitative anthropological methods and analyzes, and we are specialized in understanding the needs of people, groups and companies and their barriers, opportunities, everyday life and perceptions within cultural meetings and intercultural collaboration. Hence that we help you not only to understand what the challenges are, but to understand why they are there so that we can develop behavioral change strategies, strategies, timetables, and communications that help meet your other goals or strategies within f. eg. team work, outsourcing, partnerships, multicultural collaborations and corporate culture.

Below are examples of what we can offer:


Want to give your expats the best start in Denmark? And make sure that they don’t break and leave before the contract is due? Then we offer to onboard your expats in the best way through cultural training and understanding and a high focus on integration of the whole family. 


Step 1: Before arrival
We make sure that the process of settling in becomes as smooth as possible e.g. getting practicalities in order before arrival.


Step 2: Onboarding
Preparing the expat and family for their new life in Denmark – cultural training is a great part of this.


Step 3: Integration
Social interventions e.g. integration in associations based on interests, mentoring at work and networking events with locals.


By agreement


This presentation is a short introduction to a culture of your choice. The goal is to provide the participants with a basic cultural understanding of the company’s new collaboration partner.


Are you in a collaboration startup with a new partner from a different culture and do you want to have a basic cultural knowledge before your collaboration? Choose this presentation and you will be on track! Together we will agree on which culture to make the presentation  in order to make sure that it fits your daily working processes.

The employees at every level at the organization will benefit of this presentation by getting a knowledge in how to collaborate with a new and unknown culture.

The presentation will be held at your company for an agreed number of employees and managers.



One hour with time for discussion afterwards



Would you like to know what elements make up a strong team culture? Then we can provide you with  knowledge on how to create a stronger team in the future.


In the presentation we will go over 3 components: Trust, vulnerability and purpose. Research tells us that high performance cultures most times have these elements integrated in the way they do things. Furthermore we will give you some suggestions on action points in teams with cultural diversity.



1 hour with discussion


We offer a course with workshop in which we qualify employees – on every level – to handle the cultural encounters in an efficient and appropriate way – in favor of the company’s bottom line.


Do you experience that your cross-cultural collaborations lead to ongoing misunderstandings and double work? Or do you want to be upfront? If you recognize these struggles this course will be a great investment. From scientific research and hands-on experience we have designed this course to upgrade employees and the management’s skills in cross-cultural collaboration. Afterwards you will be able to take your cross-cultural collaboration to the next level – and you will see greater innovation and gained efficiency.  

Throughout the workshop the participants pick a specific case from their daily praxis and do their analysis on this particular case – in that way  the workshop becomes as practice-oriented as possible.


The workshop contains:

  • Presentation on a different culture
  • How to be culturally self aware
  • How to be interculturally competent



Half day course



Would you like to know how to optimize your culture? Then we can provide you with a mapping that will show how you can get higher performance integrated into your culture.


The mapping will show your strengths, challenges and weaknesses, which will be presented and used for our continued work with your culture at the workshop.

We will measure the culture through our cultural survey


Workshop duration

2 hours


This program is great for a company that wants a specialized project with the purpose of creating tailored guidelines for your cross-cultural collaborations.

Are you planning to have or do you already have outsourcing projects? And do you want to make sure that cultural diversity will not be an issue for your business? In that case a tailored program will be a great solution. We design a cultural research and analyse process based on your business and cross-cultural reality. The process typically contains three steps. The first being an analysis phase that identifies potential cultural threats and their causes. Second step consists of an upgrading phase that, through courses, qualifies the employees and managers to work efficiently and smoothly in your specific cross-cultural collaborations. And the third step ends with a report and an implementation of a cross-cultural strategy.


Case example:

In a large Danish company they have a joint venture collaboration with a company from India. This collaboration involves 400 employees and managers primary with a Danish and Indian background. The collaboration is afflicted by a  lack of understanding of cultural diversity, which causes persistent inefficient cooperation and collaboration. It affects the company’s bottom line in a negative way.

  • With this program we will fix it!  



By agreement


Are you in need of an expert on culture? We are more than ready to join whenever you need us. We might help you by participating in meetings and projects or perform ad hoc consultancy work.



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We are a consultancy specializing in cross-cultural collaboration. We offer presentations, workshops, and analytic research projects – all with culture at the core.