Service 2 EN


We offer a course with workshop in which we qualify employees – on every level – to handle the cultural encounters in an efficient and appropriate way – in favor of the company’s bottom line.


Do you experience that your cross-cultural collaborations lead to ongoing misunderstandings and double work? Or do you want to be upfront? If you recognize these struggles this course will be a great investment. From scientific research and hands-on experience we have designed this course to upgrade employees and the management’s skills in cross-cultural collaboration. Afterwards you will be able to take your cross-cultural collaboration to the next level – and you will see greater innovation and gained efficiency.  

Throughout the workshop the participants pick a specific case from their daily praxis and do their analysis on this particular case – in that way  the workshop becomes as practice-oriented as possible.


The workshop contains:

  • Presentation on a different culture
  • How to be culturally self aware
  • How to be interculturally competent



Half day course