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This program is great for a company that wants a specialized project with the purpose of creating tailored guidelines for your cross-cultural collaborations.

Are you planning to have or do you already have outsourcing projects? And do you want to make sure that cultural diversity will not be an issue for your business? In that case a tailored program will be a great solution. We design a cultural research and analyse process based on your business and cross-cultural reality. The process typically contains three steps. The first being an analysis phase that identifies potential cultural threats and their causes. Second step consists of an upgrading phase that, through courses, qualifies the employees and managers to work efficiently and smoothly in your specific cross-cultural collaborations. And the third step ends with a report and an implementation of a cross-cultural strategy.


Case example:

In a large Danish company they have a joint venture collaboration with a company from India. This collaboration involves 400 employees and managers primary with a Danish and Indian background. The collaboration is afflicted by a  lack of understanding of cultural diversity, which causes persistent inefficient cooperation and collaboration. It affects the company’s bottom line in a negative way.

  • With this program we will fix it!  



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