Create your own Cultural Code of Conduct

We are here to help – it’s what we build our business on. We do that by generating new knowledge, advising, developing, and testing new solutions. Furthermore we of course assist implementation. Our core service is anthropological research, and we are specialized in understanding the challenges and needs of people, groups, and organisations within the field of diversity, diversity competence, cross-cultural encounters, and cross-cultural collaboration. Not only will we help you to understand what the challenges are, but also why they are there. In that way we can co-create solutions, strategies, and communication guidelines that will contribute to reaching your goals.

Anthropological methods will become increasingly important in a world, where the human is at the center of focus. This is where we set ourselves apart from anything digital. What we do is essential to deeply understand human behavior and needs. Please read more about this on our blog.

What do we offer? Please check out these examples of our services below:

A mixed salat, please

This presentation is meant to inspire you on diversity competence. It is built on research – general as well as our own.

This presentation is meant for people, who are curious on the subject of diversity competence, and what it means to have diversity competence in an organisation. It will be our pleasure to provide you with this information, and hopefully we will inspire your continued journey with developing diversity competence in your organisation – a fantastic tool to achieve inclusion and innovation on a very practical level.

What are the ingredients of a strong team culture – also when it comes to diverse teams?

Would you like to know what it takes to build a strong culture? We can provide you with some ideas on how to create a stronger team in the future. 

In 2018 we did qualitative research in 38 of Denmark’s largest companies. These were companies such as: Arla, Grundfos, DLG, Mærsk, KMD, Vestas etc. In this presentation we argue that 3 components have to be in place in order to create a great team culture with high performance. Furthermore we’ll present pieces of advice on how to create these components – this will also work if your team has a high level of diversity.

Diversity competence workshop

We offer a workshop, where managers and employees are taught to handle diversity in the best possible way – for more innovative outcomes.

This workshop is great if you experience that collaborations involving diversity are continually challenged by e.g. misunderstandings, conflicts, and inability to meet deadlines. Or ideally: You want to be on the forefront of the challenges. Based on relevant research we have designed the workshop in a way that leaves participants with an ability to get the best possible outcome of collaboration and teamwork with high levels of diversity.  Throughout the workshop participants select and work on cases from their own worklife – in that way the workshop becomes as practice-oriented as possible. 

The workshop consists of a focus on these themes:

  • Knowledge
  • Self Awareness
  • Curiosity
  • Context
  • Cultural Innovation

The output of the workshop will be 5 concrete behavioral regulations – the team’s own Cultural Code of Conduct, which the team will implement into their everyday lives at work. In order for the most successful implementation, it is important that the guidelines become as down to earth as possible. Therefore the last part of the process is based on behavioral design methods.

Workshop: We want a stronger team culture

Do you want to have more power (as CA-POW) as a team? And, at the same time everybody by into you purpose and know what you as a team are made of? Then, this workshop is for you.

The workshop is based on the latest research regarding: cultural theory, Simon Sinek’s WHY, HOW and WHAT model and our own research in 38 of the biggest companies in Denmark such as: Arla, Grundfos, KMD, Maersk, FL-Schmidt m.fl.

The output of the workshop is, that you will gain:

  1. a strong purpose (if you don’t have one already)
  2. a list of priorities which points back to your purpose – how shall we prioritize to live up to our purpose?
  3. a conduct of behaviors – what shall we do on a daily basis to live up to our priorities that points back to our purpose?

Anthropological research

This process is great if you have a larger project in which you know that the culture is essential for your success. 

Do you find it hard to align your culture with the expansion of your organisation? Or are your planning to expand globally? Is globalisation affecting the way you do business? Is diversity something you have to consider now? No matter what your challenge is we’ll tailor a research project for you. We’ll never come into an organisation with an know-it-all-attitude. Our job is to listen, consult and work with you – no matter what journey you are on. Together we’ll co-create a cultural research project based on your challenges, needs and opportunities. 

Maybe you wonder why our first presentation is called “A mixed salad, please”. The reason behind that is that the highest level of diversity competence is called “the salad bowl” – meaning that a salad is more interesting and delicious if it’s a mix of several ingredients. BUT it takes a good bowl to hold onto a good salad – otherwise it becomes messy.  

It’s the same in the world of humans. We are more innovative as a team if the team consists of people, who are different. BUT the organisation has to be great at creating the rights structures and culture for the diversity to thrive – otherwise diversity can easily turn into something really challenging and messy.